The 7 Original Virtues (qualities) of the Soul

Essence: The Soul has seven innate qualities inherited from the Supreme soul (God)

. They are Purity, Peace, Love, Joy, Bliss, Powers and Knowledge. Let us explore and live these virtues. 

1. Purity

Purity is the first virtue and the mother of Peace and Happiness. 

Meaning of purity is not alone celibacy, for celibacy is just of the physical body. In fact, true meaning is to have purity in our mind, words and actions. We generally consider the holiness as that of body. A person is said saint only if his thoughts are also pure. Thoughts are creation of our mind. So if thoughts are pure, the words we speak will also be meaningful. Subject of being holy (with the physical body) is called Brahmacharya. Soul is a point of conscious light with 8 powers and seven virtues.

2. Peace

'Peace is a garland of your neck' - God father Shiv baba (Source: Murli)

Every human being urges for peace in life. But from where do we get peace? In actuality, peace is the natural stage of soul. Think this, what if you have no burden, no question and no wasteful thought going in your mind. There is this stillness and in that everything is clear. This is peace. This is the natural stage of soul and for it to happen with our mind, we need to guide our thoughts towards the right direction. This is training of mind, which is a part of Raja Yoga or meditation.

3. Love

'God is love' it is said and love is very powerful. 

Love is a natural feeling of a soul. Love with the supreme soul and with all souls (brothers). We love something that appeals us or is similar to us. When we forget this body and religions, casts and colours of this body and consider the self and everyone as a point of light (soul), then you will see that all are both equal and unique. A soul cannot harm another soul without a body. When self-realisation is achieved, we are connected with all living beings and consider the world as One Family.  

So love is the feelings which will flow naturally. 

4. Joy

Joy is a momentous feeling of freedom and attainment. 

Happiness depends on attainment (what we received or earn). So are you happy?  If one has peace and love in his life, it will be said that he is happy as well. Of course, as happiness is nothing but a natural feeling when there is peace and loving relationships in our life. Also, there is a deeper joy - a joy of existence. Just because you exist in this world, this feeling arises. Think about this.

5. Bliss

Bliss is the superior stage of happiness (joy). 

It is beyond happiness or sorrow. Such stage was of ours, when we were in the Golden age. Soul experiences bliss, in the company of its spiritual father, the supreme soul. This is Raja Yoga. To have a glance of the stage of bliss, one should surrender his intellect to God and have all the relationships with him alone. 

6. Powers

Spiritual Powers, not physical. Soul has eight innate power within whether in merge or in emerged form. When the powers are in emerged form, they are being used. And when in merged form, they are not used. Yog is the source of these powers and a way to emerge them. Read 8 Powers of Soul page.

7. Knowledge

True knowledge is the source of all virtues. It means knowing the creation and its almighty creator.

The source of knowledge is only one  - the ocean of knowledge, the supreme soul.  

Knowing the truth about our existence (Who am I?) - the creator and its creation, i.e., the God and the World cycle is called spiritual knowledge. Who will speak the truth about the creation? Surely the creator himself will, as no one else then him knows. The source of spiritual knowledge is Murli. The more the soul is filled with the knowledge, more viceless (pure) and powerful it becomes. We all are such pure, peaceful, joyful, loving and powerful souls, children of the Supreme soul (Shiv baba). Let the light fall upon you.

Om Shanti.

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