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Read or download pdf books in English and in Hindi, published by Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University, Om Shanti press. Authors: BK Jagdish bhai, BK Shivani and BK Pari. Main aim of eBooks is to explain the Godly knowledge and revelations of murli to general audience and new BKs.

Books on Self-realisation, on God, celibacy, eternal World Drama, cycle and nature of time, on Silence, on world transformation, present time (confluence age/Sangam yug), on BK, divine values and general topics. You can print them for free. This is One website for Everything. Do SHARE this website to guide others.

English Books


Mysteries of the universe are solved

Science and Spirituality

Eternal World Drama of 5000 years

Introduction & 7 days RajYoga course

Divine values of a better world

Complete Raja Yoga
7 days course in PDF
Murli related Question-Answers
General Question-Answers

Adi Dev (first human -Brahma)

Who am I - Know your Self

Celibacy in Life - Brahmacharya

A handbook on Raja Yoga and God

How to make Life Blissful

Happiness Unlimited -BK Shivani

Healing the Self - BK Pari

(new) How to Think - BK Pari

(premium) Conversations With GOD

Thoughts for today in pdf

Hindi Books

समय (Samay - the present time)
ड्रामा - Drama
कुमारी जीवन - Kumari Jeevan
कुमार जीवन - Kumar Jeevan
शांति की शक्ति - Silence Power
दिव्य जीवन की धारणए - Divine Virtues for Life
महा शिवरात्रि का अर्थ - Shivratri book
सत्यता - Truth
टीचर्स - For Teachers
मन्सा सेवा - serving through Mind
प्रश्न एवं उत्तर (Question Answers)
अंतिम परीक्षा - Final Paper
फूल स्टॉप - The Full Stop
विशेष पुरुषार्थ - PMTV Purusharth

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'The challenge of life is to win. The aim of life is to Learn. The beauty of life is to experience.'

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