Mateshwari Jagadamba Saraswati (Mamma - World Mother)

Whom the world remember as Aadi Devi (first deity) or Eve, as written in many texts. In Vedas, Saraswati is described as the goddess of Knowledge. We now understand that Saraswati is the spiritual daughter of Prajapita Brahma and also is the World mother (Jagat Amba) through whom God fulfils everyone's wishes. Therefore Jagadamba is worshipped so much. Wishes are fulfilled by incorporeal one, through this world mother. Come and know the divine journey of 'most worshipped' human soul. How serving and simple the life of our Yagya mother was, know through those who actually lived with her, witnessed her virtues and spiritual stage, listened to the nectar of knowledge flowing from Mamma's mouth. 

Loukik birth in around 1920, an attractive personality named Radha was born to the mother Rocha and father Pokardain Amritsar, Punjab. Below is the Full video early story from 1936...

Picture Story with song

''Most virtuous soul of all'' - everyone who witnessed Mamma, would feel this and tell you. Mamma came to Yagya in its early stage and upon listening Murli, immediately surrendered in the God's mission. At such young age of 17, Mamma became spiritually matured and took responsibility of the Yagya in hands. When there was a court case run against Om Mandli, Mamma appeared in court to protect Om mandli and gave such testimony (gawahi) that even the judge was silent. Mamma explained to them that how the incorporeal God has placed Dada Lekhraj as the medium and he is teaching us through this Dada. That how can a human being know this knowledge and it is God who commands us to remain pure (pure in mind, words and actions) and every human have right to decide and direct their own life. Om mandli wins the case. Mamma made everyone to think.

''Baba said, Mamma executed. No question. No doubt arose in mind.''

Mamma had a very sharp intellect. She would explain Baba's Murli in classes after churning the knowledge said in murli. Churning, dharna, introspection, inner joy, silence, royalty and belongingness to God - these are few of the qualities Mamma acquired after coming in Yagya. Mamma had won hearts of all surrendered brother and sisters. Everyone loved her. Mamma's motto was 'One Faith, One Power' & 'Never give or take the sorrow'. Mamma was actually a reflection of what Murli or Shrimat is. Mamma was the ideal Godly student. No one matched her in obeying Shrimat. Mamma use to wake up at 2 AM in morning for Amritvela Yog (meditation). Not only she mastered the Self and senses, but also guided many in this path of spiritual upliftment, in becoming a deity from a human being. By only seeing Mamma, many decided to give away their 5 vices and become as pure and great as her.

Mamma's role in Gyan Yagya is special since the beginning. And this role became eminent after 1950 when the group settled in Mount Abu and started the service across India. Mamma went on services and many new centres started to open. Mamma was responsible for the finance of Yagya, and so she always kept economy and effectiveness balanced (i.e. only spend money for a right purpose)




Mamma had many virtues and as the devotees worship 9 forms of goddess, mamma indeed had all 9 powers imbibed naturally which she used for upliftment of souls. 

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SARASWATI - Goddess of Knowledge - Mama listened to the Knowledge (murli) from Shiv Baba andimbibed it and played the Sitar of Knowledge, and inspired everyone through her own inculcation (dharna), and brought realization to all.

JAGADAMBA - Goddess of Fulfilment - giving love and bestowing eternal blessing of peace and happiness.

DURGA - Goddess of Shakti - who takes power from Shiva and removes all weaknesses (durgunn) within the self, and also helps to remove weaknesses of others.

KALI - Goddess of Fearlessness - who is fearless and courageous and destroys all negativity, evil and devilish personality traits.

GAYATRI - Goddess of Auspicious Omens - Mama gave importance to the elevated versions spoken by Shiv Baba and used each version as a mantra and this is why there is importance of Gayatri mantra, which works like magic to remove all bad omens.

VAISHNAV - Goddess of Purity - who radiates light of purity and empowers all to become divine through pure vision, pure thoughts, pure words and deeds.

UMA - Goddess of Enthusiasm - who brings hope, zeal and enthusiasm (umang/utsaha).

SANTOSHI - Goddess of Contentment – The one who brings a feeling of deep contentment.

LAXMI - Goddess of Wealth – The one who bestows upon souls the unlimited Wealth of spiritual knowledge and virtues.

Mamma's personality was very powerful. Mamma would look at you and not saying a word, you will understand. Such a spiritual stage was achieved. There was magical force in her words. Mamma's words had changed lives and inspired to become great. Mamma became right hand in service with Prajapita Brahma baba. During services across country, Mamma's voice was recorded. Do you wish to listen her Murli? Here it is. After continuous 28 years of effort making and churning of knowledge, Mamma became complete in June 1965  and flew to Shiv baba to become his right hand in World Transformation. Brahmans yet remember the life of Mamma, her virtues, words, and actions (karma) and takes inspiration.

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