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* Main Sites *


1. For everything - Rajyoga course & all online services, resources, etc this new and main BK website. www.brahma-kumaris.com

2. Main server website for resources collections and downloads (murli related, all classes, Sakar and avyakt old murlis, songs, videos, collections) bkdrluhar.com


3. प्रजापिता ब्रह्मा कुमारीज की प्रथम हिन्दी वेब पोर्टल - हिन्दी मे देश विदेश के ईश्वरीय समाचार, audio, video, articles. www.bkvarta.com

4. Daily Murli in 25 languages including Indian and International. www.babamurli.com


5. India Website (info, events, live, news, course, downloads, etc) www.bk.ooo


* Back up of the main website - shivbaba.ooo

Our Blogs

Brahma Kumaris Articles, Q-A & more: bkarticles.blog

Blog as a website (about, history, etc): aboutbrahmakumaris.org

History research blog (documents, story): brahmakumarisresearch.org

Thought for today blog : thoughtsbk.blogspot.com


Retreat Centres in India and Overseas


India-Delhi -Om Shanti Retreat Centre: www.omshantiretreat.org
India-Hyderabad-Shanti Sarovar Retreat Centre: www.shantisarovar.org
USA-New York-Peace Village Retreat Centre: www.peacevillageretreat.org
UK-Oxford-Global Retreat Centre: www.globalretreatcentre.org


Peace of Mind TVwww.pmtv.in and b-k.com/pmtv-live
PMTV is a divine TV channel that is spreading the godly message by many means.


Media Websites


Main media website (gallery, videos, links, info): bkmultimedia.in

BK songs, music, audio classes, albums, downloads. omshantimusic.net

India-Abu Road-Shantivan-Godlywood Studio: www.godlywoodstudio.org
UK-London-BK Publications: inspiredstillness.com
UK-London-Janki Foundation-Values in Health Care: www.jankifoundation.org

India One Solar Thermal Power Plant-Brahma Kumaris: www.india-one.net


BK wings websites


Education Wing: www.bkvalueeducation.in
Administrators’ Service Wing:   www.administratorswing.org
Art & Culture Wing:  www.artandculturewing.com
Business & Industry Wing: www.bkbiwing.org
IT Wing: itwing.brahmakumaris.com
Medical Wing: www.bkmedicalwing.org
Social Service Wing: www.bksocial.org
SpARC Wing: www.bksparc.in
Sports Wing: www.sportswing.org
Scientists & Engineers Wing: www.bksew.org
Transport and Travel Wing: www.wheelsforpeace.org
Women Wing: www.bkwomenwing.com
Youth Wing: www.bkyouth.org



Mobile Apps (for Android)


  1. BK Assistant -All in One App (Daily Murli, Resources, centre locator and Trafic control

  2. BK divine songs -All in One app (Songs and resources playlists, & much more.)

  3. BK murli today - Daily Murli, Chart, Quiz, audio playlists, and more..

  4. Baba Portal (Daily Murli in 25 languages, Sakar Murli audio, Avyakt murli, etc)

  5. Daily Murli Chart App - Self checking for Self-transformation

  6. BK traffic control App (Self-checking for whole day, your guide for self-transformation)

  7. BK Google (seach the divine)- An app like never before. Search anything (info, data, resources, online services, books, articles, posts, etc) and get result.

  8. Learn Raja Yoga - App for 7 days course, meditation and resources in Hindi & English.


Mobile Apps (iPhone)


  1. Baba Portal - Daily Gyan Murli in htm, pdf and audio + Sakar murli audio + Avyakt Murli in htm

  2. Mobile Murli - Daily gyan murli in 20+ languages in htm, pdf and audio.

  3. PMTV today - PMTV songs, audio classes and video amritvela meditation.

  4. Traffic Control - For purusharth. Song is played during day starting at 3:30am (manual)

  5. Bee Zone - App for meditation, relax and virtuescope (daily spirituality)

Because Sharing is a Service and Time is Less.

*Thought for Today*

Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalaya

 (Godly Spiritual University)

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'The challenge of life is to win. The aim of life is to Learn. The beauty of life is to experience.'

Established by God, this is the World Spiritual University for Purification of Souls by the knowledge and RajYog taught by the Supreme Soul (God), giving his most beneficial advice. 

Established in 1936, by today has more than 8500 centres in about 140 countries. World is transforming into New. This is task of God. God has come and is playing incognito role of transforming the world. Come and know .more

Main Address :

Om Shanti Bhawan, 

Madhuban, Mount Abu 

Rajasthan, India  307501

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